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Sovereign Health of California

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 209 Avenida Fabricante, Suite 100
San Clemente, CA 92672
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Primary Services  Sober Living Home, Transitional Living, Halfway House, SLE, and other Recovery related services.
Type of Care  Sober Living Homes, Sober Roommates, Other related assistance
Services Provided Recovery Related Services, Sober Living Environment  
Payment Type  Private Pay Only
Description Sovereign Health of California Sober Living Homes.
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Accredited Dual Diagnosis Treatment for addiction with co-occurring mental conditions. Cutting edge integrated treatment model utilizing licensed professionals. Provider for most insurance companies.

My therapist in Long Beach, California was the one who discovered Sovereign Health and led me here. My family came down from Montana to bring me here and I was in Sovereign Health for 3 months – 90 days. So, in the 90 days that I was here, it was a life changing experience. I went from very, very sick, when I came into the program, to better – not healed, but much better and much more able to go on and deal with life when I left. I loved the healing aspect of being so close to the ocean – and being allowed to have time down there. We even went down to the ocean and did Yoga classes, some days. That was a very healing and peaceful experience. I loved the counsellors and therapists that were here. The house managers were fun So the whole program, the whole aspect, from outside, being in the house, doing things to make ourselves well, healthy – walking on the beach, taking tine in the community – they were healing aspects as well – not only being in counselling sessions, which we did hours of each day – but it was a well rounded experience. 

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: holly on 03/05/2012 03:08:00 PM 

I am a long shoreman from Seattle. If you don’t know what that is, I load and unload ships and we have a guy that takes care of us popularly known as an EAP (Employee Assistance Professional). I was very close to him and asked him for help and he sent me to research three places, because I was his first patient going in for a Dual Diagnosis. I did research on 3 places and I felt that Sovereign has been the best treatment center as in that all the other places I’d been to didn’t have a dual diagnosis program. They worked on my medication, and helped me change it to the best of their ability. When I first came here, the pain I was going through was indescribable. My mental state, I could hardly see myself coming out of this relapse. The therapy here is second to none as far as treatment centers go. It’s not going to go perfectly from A to Z, 1 to 100, but they’re going to do their best to make sure your needs are taken care of. When I came here I felt that I was almost in a drug induced psychosis. I have bipolar disorder, borderline, anxiety, and I am still awaiting a test for Aspergers. I was clueless, and this place gave me hope. This place can give you hope too. 

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: James on 02/28/2012 02:57:00 PM 

I heard about Sovereign Health. I was there for my Eating Disorder, which I have known for a long time I needed help with. I didn’t realize that there were places like this that could help me, and so I was ready to come. My experience with the ED Program has been phenomenal. I have learned a new way to eat, live and be healthy that I never even knew existed. It has been amazing to learn what my body needs, how to eat the right portion size, and how to consistently feed the body this way. My primary therapist has been amazing in assisting me and giving me dead-on right assignments to build my self esteem, to look at the things about myself that I am not comfortable with, and why is that. We’ve really delved into some core issues that I have never got into before. I found the group sessions very helpful here. There are so many doctors walking around here and they know what they are talking about. And I received a whole lot of support from everybody on staff. Any time I had something going on in my mind I could talk to any one of them. They knew my case, knew what was going on with me, and they were able to help me find a way to deal with whatever I was going through. The home environment that we lived in was awesome. Thank you, now I have a life. I never thought that I can be healthy with food or even care about my body. I now respect my body and I love being healthy. So thank you. 

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: Anna on 02/24/2012 01:18:00 PM 

After getting highly unsatisfied with many treatment centres, I personally really found Sovereign Health as one of the best. The qualified staff & facilities made me recover so incredibly. The groups are very informative. But, also, kind of friendly – they don’t bore you to death – they talk about very applicable things for anybody who is looking to recover. It’s just great, it really is – I actually enjoy coming here. I’m clean and sober. I’m definitely applying a lot of the tools that I have learned here, for sure, and just living life. I’m working, hitting on at least one meeting a day. They have done a nice work, that’s my video for the Sovereign Health:  

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: Rob on 02/01/2011 07:54:00 AM 

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