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Austin, TX 78704
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Primary Services  Sober Living Home, Transitional Living, Halfway House, SLE, and other Recovery related services.
Type of Care  Sober Living Homes, Sober Roommates, Other related assistance
Services Provided Recovery Related Services, Sober Living Environment  
Payment Type  Private Pay Only
Description Sober Living Homes.
 Editor's Review
Our program is structured to implement everything our residents have acquired in treatment or through the twelve step recovery process. We provide residents with the best possible chance of achieving and maintaining permanent sobriety. Our design for living has been designed to help build character, self-esteem, and accountability in order to help in the process of rebuilding lives. We provide maximum opportunity for driven individuals who desire a complete sober living environment.

We have had many opportunities to meet and interact with Marc D. while our grandson/ nephew was at the sober house. On numerous occasions Marc has exhibited a firm but caring structure that a recovering alcoholic needs. It is tricky to foster a clean living, supportive environment with clear expectations without creating dependency on the part of the client. Substituting one dependency for another type of dependency would not be conducive to Lynn’s progress. Marc seems to understand this and has continually demonstrated his belief that Lynn can maintain sobriety even though Lynn had been an alcoholic for many years. The first time we met Marc, we knew Lynn would be in good hands. Lynn doesn’t even remember since he had just come out of detox, but Mr. Marc met us at a Starbuck’s in northeast Austin. He was very non-judgemental, caring, and directed his comments/ questions at Lynn which set the stage for Lynn to take responsibility for his life. Marc understood Lynn’s trembling hands and what Lynn was going through. I felt as if we had been rescued by a god of sorts because we really didn’t know what we were doing or where Lynn’s future was going. We really needed help and Marc was there with the answers and direction! During Lynn’s stay at the sober house, Marc was readily available to all family members. He usually answered his phone calls at any hour of the day, and if couldn’t , he returned our calls immediately. He responded to our fears as Lynn was “getting sober” and definitely reassured us. (It can be quite a trying time for family members, too!) While Lynn is no longer at the sober house (but 90 days sober!), Marc and Lynn continue to communicate regarding Lynn’s plans, situations and asperations. Marc continues to give him a ride to AA meetings and checks on him periodically. He obviously really cares about young people and goes way beyond the call of duty to make sure they stay straight and sober. Lynn appreciates this on going support. We appreciate Marc! 

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: Abe Hernandez 512-921-8182 on 10/09/2010 02:47:00 AM