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Primary Services

Sober Living Home, Transitional Living, Halfway House, SLE, and other Recovery related services.

Type of Care
Sober Living House, Sober Roommates, Other related assistance in Fort Worth Texas.

Services Provided
Sober Living Environment Sober Living Home, Halfway House, Transitional Living.

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Self Payment

Ebbys Place Sober Living Home in Fort Worth Texas. Specializing in Short term Sober Living (30 days or less), Long term Sober Living (more than 30 days). Sober living Fort Worth TX area.

Facility Notes
Ebby’s Place is a mens sober house in North Fort Worth. We are here to carry a message of hope to the alcoholic / addict that needs safe , structured , sober living. We offer a safe enviroment where all men living here are working the 12 step program as out lined in the big book Alcoholics Anonymous. We offer transitional living at an affordable price as you begin your recovery process. The length of stay depends on each individuals needs. Our primary goal is to assist the alcoholic/addict in the transition from rehab to independent living.

Thank you to Ben Patterson and Ebby's Place for providing a safe and structured sober living alternative for my son. I respect Ben's commitment to help the men in his care. I respect Ben's ability to provide a tough love environment to help the men in his care return to a productive life. I am very pleased with my son's progress so far at Ebby's Place. Regards, TH 

Very GoodVery Good Rating   Post by: Trey Hodge on 04/05/2012 03:37:00 PM 

This is just ridiculous! This place is only out for the $. They have way too many people living in this house and it is in an HOA that doesn't allow a business to be ran out of a home. If I was to run a business out of my home, I would be harassed and bullied to shut it down, but then again, I follow rules. Secondly, how can someone that hasn't been sober for any length of time and has relapsed recently and can't hold their own life together run a "Sober" living place? They can't. The people at this house are inconsiderate. They park in front and too close to the mailboxes, impede the flow of traffic in our neighborhood by parking on both sides of the street so that one car can barely fit down the street, weirdos have been wandering in our neighborhood looking for people that are "living" at this house and have harassed many residents. I have had people in my back yard because my gates have been left open, probably looking for something to steal or a way to break in without being noticed. They are inconsiderate to their neighbors because they just don't care how this house has affected our neighborhood. When I moved in a few years ago, kids and parents were out and playing, that has dwindled since this place has came here. We want our neighborhood back and we will fight to have this house removed. It is insane that people do not feel safe in their own homes or to be out in the neighborhood walking, playing, or riding bikes. They block the sidewalks with their cars. The high traffic flow is ridiculous and shouldn't be tolerated. We all moved here to have a safe and quiet FAMILY oriented neighborhood for our children to grow up in and Ebby's place has taken that from us. It's not right that Ben Patterson feels he is ABOVE the law and doesn't have to follow the same rules as the rest of us! If you choose to send a loved one here or to bring yourself here, you ARE a fool. He is in it for the money and has said that. He is rude and crude. He says they have rules BUT he can't enforce rules when he can NOT follow the rules himself. I do believe that these people deserve a second chance, but not in a neighborhood that clearly has guidelines (that he agreed to when he bought his house) that doesn't allow for a business to operate in it. He needs to go. Sale the house and find one in an area that doesn't have an HOA or any restrictions for him to run a house for these people. NOT in a neighborhood that wants to have children playing outside and to feel safe in our own homes. I am tired of strange people walking up and down the street and approaching me and my children (which scares us).  

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Unhappy Resident at Stone Creek Ranch on 03/12/2012 01:07:00 PM 

Tim, It is sad reading your remarks towards me. For the recored I did re establish my sobriety date after taking ritalin for ADD. All though I was prescribed this medication previously I did not have a current prescription for it. I hold the guys I sponsor and the residents in Ebbys Place to pretty high standards. Stanards that I myself must up hold as well. I have not once hidden behind what I did and have been as transparent as possible. Contrary to your remarks, my residents and parents are fully aware of the facts, as you are obviously not. Perhaps your motives for this kind of gossip are to make yourself feel superior in your own mind somehow ? Regardless, I will continue what I feel as though God has called me to do. I will also say a prayer that God opens the ears of your heart to His will, I am pretty sure what you are doing ...isnt. Ben Patterson 817-648-8564 

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: Ben Patterson on 03/03/2012 10:06:00 PM 

How do you even run a sober home, with 30 days "sober?" Wow...I bet if Brandon and Linda Pitts knew that Ben was spending the money on speed they'd feel differently. 30 days sober is NOT enough time to be running a sober house! Works if ya work it... I'm sure Ben tells all his parents he just relapsed though, right?  

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Tim Johnson on 03/01/2012 11:32:00 AM 

Unbelievably dedicated to recovery – truly a God send to our lives – is Ebby’s Place & Ben Patterson. We wholeheartedly endorse Ben & Ebby’s Place and the difference they have made in our son’s life, and in ours. Ebby’s Place is about recovery – nothing less than 24/7 /365 days a year. A hard sale to make, Ben immediately won the confidence of our son. When it came time for a tough line in the sand, Ben did it – but kept our son connected and desiring to earn his way back. We visited the house on a couple of occasions, and everyone there was very polite and respectful, and appreciative of a simple meal prepared for them. We are aware that the surrounding community might have reservations with regards to a “house of addicts & alcoholics” in the neighborhood, but we can say that without a doubt – we would rather live next door to Ebby’s Place than most households. These men are on the right track, or they cannot be there. They work, serve others, tend to their responsibilities at the house, and are kind and gentle people. Further, they are not drinking or doing drugs – or they cannot stay there. And, they are tested. The house is very neat & clean, and well maintained. What’s to fault about that? Ben’s care and concern does not stop when someone leaves Ebby’s Place – he is always concerned and there for them. And, his enthusiasm is contagious! In the hard arena of addiction – Ben and Ebby’s Place are a bright shining ray of hope and promise of a better way! Feel free to contact us, as we are honored to offer our reference for Ebby’s Place and Ben Patterson. Brandon & Linda Pitts  

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: Brandon & Linda Pitts on 02/16/2012 09:57:00 PM 

This is a flop house where the weak minded are taken advantage of and made to work in a mowing buisness to turn a profit for Ben Patterson. He charges alot of money and puts a few basic AA meetings in affect for the appeareance hes helping when hes acutally violating federal law by taking advantage of the disable. 

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Neighbor on 05/01/2011 08:36:00 PM 

Before we movd into this subdivision, we did our research and decided to move here because the HOA had strict guidelines about businesses not being allowed. When we did move in, the owner (Ben) was living in the house with his teenage daughter. We then saw another person and thought it was just a roommate. Well, since then, traffic has picked up in our neighborhood and we have all kinds of unsavory people showing up to meetings at this home. There are people out after so called "curfews". They are not welcomed in this neighborhood which is zoned as a SINGLE FAMILY home. We do not want to see our property values affected or the sale of homes stop in this area but if I looked up this neighborhood to see about purchasing a home and this came up, I definitely would have reconsidered! I can't believe that he feels it is okay for him to run a BUSINESS in our neighborhood and not follow the same rules that the rest of us have to follow, he is obviously only in it for the money! I understand these guys are in recovery and need a place but it isn't in a SINGLE FAMILY community. It doesn't have to be in a DRUG RIDDEN neighborhood but there are neighborhoods that are not regulatd by an HOA and doesn't have the strict guidelines. We bought here to be in a community that would not be ran into the groud with businesses being ran out homes and for the overall appearance of the neighborhood to be maintained.  

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: unhappy and afraid on granite creek on 04/30/2011 10:36:00 PM 

No one told or asked the neighborhood if we were ok with this. Apparently no one asked the HOA because one cannot run a business out of a home in this neighborhood. We agreed with the neighborhood HOA policies when we moved here. What about u Mr. Business owner? This facility is not welcome. Especially since it was snuck in. I feel for the ones trying to start over in the house, but a family neighbor hood with specific rules against a home business is not the place. We signed up for a quiet family oriented neighborhood. Family! People who care about the community because it is ours to care for. Random men in & out is not the idea. Please close this facility. Please relocate to a place better suited. Thank you 

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: C on 04/30/2011 10:35:00 AM 

I live in the neighborhood where this halfway house is located. I was not aware of its existence until recently. Like many of my neighbors, I do not want this house in my neighborhood. While I understand that people deserve a chance at recovery from their addictions, this is not the right location for such a place. We are close to some schools and I understand that this business is against our HOA rules. I got my house broken into twice in two months and in both occasions had electronics stolen probably for drug money. I do not feel safe having this place in my neighborhood and I want it out of here. To the owner of this house if you are reading this, please be considerate of your neighbors and shut down this place.  

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: NC on 04/27/2011 11:05:00 PM 

This is not WELCOME in our community and is against HOA and City laws Stone Creek Ranch is a SINGLE-FAMILY zoned area and Ebby's Place is violating the law myself and many others in this community will do everything we can to have it removed so DO NOT WAIST your money because it will be shut down soon.  

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Crystal on 04/27/2011 12:20:00 PM 

If you go to other websites you can see the complaints from people who have stayed here. Here's one from Tim Gorton: "This jerk made me sell my car so he wouldn't kick me out, and then when I paid him, guess what? He kicked me out! He's a self obsessed egomaniac, and this business isn't even legit! Total scam, without a license to operate! I'm calling the city in the morning to report him. Enough! Tired of seeing him screw people!" I guess this is one of the people you've helped, huh Ben? I haven't heard anything good about this place or you Ben so why don't you do us all a favor and shut down this business. Or at the very least, try following some rules and take it out of Stone Creek Ranch where it is not allowed and is definitely NOT wanted.  

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Sarah G. on 04/26/2011 11:06:00 PM 

This sober living house is in an HOA which does not allow a business to be operated from a homeowner's residence. The neighborhood of Stone Creek Ranch, where this residence is located, is not happy this sober living facility has been started by Ben Patterson who used to live in the neighborhood with his daughter in the very house which he has now began to call Ebby's Place. The outside of this house looks terrible. The only tree in the front yard has been dug up and there is a hole where it was. Mr. Patterson has no regard for his neighbors or the HOA rules/regs so why would someone want to pay him good money to let someone live there to get sober when he can't follow the basic rules of a homeowner's association controlled neighborhood. Do you really think he can help get you or your loved one ge sober when he has such disregard for others? I would not recommend this facility as it is not placed in the proper location and the neighborhood does not want it here. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOME OTHER HOPE OF RECOVERY, NOT ON EBBY'S PLACE. 

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Unhappy on Granite Creek on 04/26/2011 08:16:00 PM 

Robin and Dicki, I appreciate you putting this on here, one of the biggest problems in this industry is flop houses and houses that do nothing when residence relapse. Your son , Jacob was nodding off in three seperate meetings and was acting as though he had relapsed on heroin. Not only did I notice this but a handful of others , including an employee of a treatment center were all in agreement that Jacob had relapsed. You are correct he did pass three seperate urine tests and as confusing as it was, the safety of out house as a whole had to be accounted for. After the story if your sin choking a man at his job over $15.00, I was pretty much at my wits end. It is an unfortunate situation i agree. Jacob has since been allowed back into our program and seems to be a bit more stable once he got some sleep. I am truly sorry that you two are not satisfied with me protecting the house as a whole and I understand your need to blame someone. This disease is life and death, my responsibilities are to ALL of the men in our program, not just each individual case. You have always had my number and no emails have been blocked, guess you were trying to broadcast your feelings for a reason ? Thank you for validating Ebbys Place as a zero tolerance program. Ben Patterson / bsober@hotmail.com 

ExcellentExcellent Rating   Post by: Ben Patterson 8176488564 on 10/23/2010 02:56:00 AM 

Post by: Jackie Swanson on 07/31/2010 03:52:00 AM I would love to hear from this supposed Jackie Swanson !! 4 am ? Sounds like one of our disgruntled tweekers that might have relapsed !!! Its really sad that someone would say something like this , we have been nothing but helpful to many men and the only reasons anybody has been asked to leave is if they were breaking specific rules or relapsed ! Jackie i would love for you to contact me personally bsober@hotmail.com Ben 

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Ben Patterson on 08/03/2010 11:22:00 AM 

Hmmm Swanson Swanson ? I dont recall a Swanson ever being here ? Money ? Hmm Let me know where it is ! i would love to see it !!! Most guys come in with no money and the guys that have left , were asked to leave for breaking the rules and or relapsing which weve only had 3 in 8 months !  

Very GoodVery Good Rating   Post by: Ben Patterson on 08/03/2010 11:01:00 AM 

Avoid. My son stayed here, and it was nothing but money, money, money. I was warmed that they are just in it ofr the money, and I should have listened!!!! They took his money, and put him on the streets! 

PoorPoor Rating   Post by: Jackie Swanson on 07/31/2010 03:52:00 AM 

We are just starting out !! Any support would be greatly appreciated. 

GoodGood Rating   Post by: Ben on 01/13/2010 08:27:00 AM 

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